Tuesday, December 17, 2013

AP World History Project

This Project counts as a test grade and is due January 21st 2014 (we don't have class that day so you will need to bring it to me).  You need to find a BOOK about some historical character we have studied this year.  Example; Julius Ceasar, Alexander the Great, Hannibal, Theodora, Zheng He, etc.  You then need to write a 3 typed page review of the book.  The three pages should include information about the character (like a biographical sketch) and whether or not you liked the book.  Do you think the author accurately portrayed this person?  You should locate a book before or over the break.  You need to have a title page and then three 12 point Times New Roman font pages, double spaced.  And any time you reference something directly from the book you need to make a footnote and share the page number.  I will go over this more in detail in class before the break.  I shouldn't have to say this but I will, you should actually read the book inorder to write an accurate review.

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  1. For the cereal box project, do you want the citation in Chicago style?