Friday, April 15, 2016

AP Mock Exam

Coach Dragone and I would like to hold an AP Mock Exam on Saturday April 30th from 8am-11am in Café 3 at Menchville.  We have had great success with this the last 5 years.  The students have always said it really helped them with practicing time management for the actual AP Exam.  If a student can't make it, it would be helpful if we had a note explaining why, even if the note says "I don't have to explain why, but my kid is not coming."  We are trying to avoid giving up our personal time on a Saturday if the majority of the students aren't going to take advantage of this opportunity.  Again this is not mandatory but we would love to have a note if they can't make, that ensures you as the parent knew about it and elected for them to not participate.  This exam is an actual AP exam from several years ago so it is as close to the real thing as we can get.

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