Friday, March 10, 2017

Review Video 21-23

5th Period will take the 21-23 Test on Wednesday 3/15 and 2nd Period will take it on Thursday 3/16.  Below is a copy of the review sheet and a link to the review video.

Stearns Test Review Chapters 21-23
      1.       Explain how the Russians freed themselves from Mongolian rule.
      2.       What were some of the key policies of the earliest Tsars?
      3.       Explain Peter the Great’s policy of Westernization.
      4.       List key characteristics of the Ottoman Empire.
      5.       What was the cause for the rise of the Safavid Empire?
      6.       List key characteristics of the Mughal Empire.
      7.       Describe some changes in Indian Ocean trade with the arrival of the Europeans.
      8.       Give a brief overview of the Ming and Qing Empires.
      9.       Give a brief overview of Japan’s political system during this time period.
      10.   Explain the spread of Christianity into Asia.

Short answer will be about the Muslim Empires and Confucianism Exams.

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